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Welcome to Vicky Gómez  website.

Hello, I'm Vicky Gomez, a printmaker who lives in Hove, UK. My passion for printmaking grow during my time at Accademi di Brera in Milan while on an Erasmus program. After many years working on Digital I feel the need to work in a more traditional way so I started printing again.

My family was always connected to the sea and the coast in the north of Spain,  it has always been a significant source of inspiration for my artwork. Even now, living on the coast again, I find it continues to be a recurrent theme in my work, along with other subjects like nature, films, and culture.

Over the past few years, I've been working in my printmaking skills, exploring various techniques and experimenting with different materials. Lately, I've tried  screen printing on fabrics, something I would like to learn more about this process.

I've participated in various exhibitions, primarily in Spain and the UK. My latest exhibition was at the INK Autumn 2022 Sussex Printmakers held at Colonnade House in Worthing and Crypt Gallery in Seford on March2023. Additionally, you can find my artwork showcased at Jules Emporium in Brighton.

Please, contact me for more information.

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